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View Perseverance Landing Pictures. Perseverance rover's mars landing where we're landing with perseverance, compared to, say, curiosity or the landers that went before it, is a very high altitude, it's like trying to do this on a mountaintop. Nasa's mars rover perseverance, the most advanced robotic astrobiology lab ever.

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Follow along as the mars rover perseverance lands on mars on feb. I just want to say that landing on mars is hard, says gregorio villar, a systems engineer with entry, descent and landing team at nasa's jet. Perseverance hopes to explore that history and look for evidence of life.

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Perseverance will attempt to land inside mars' jezero crater on feb. On february 18, 2021, the nasa mars rover perseverance lands on mars. The terrain around the landing site is rocky, making landing difficult, but nasa said the probe is up to the challenge. Perseverance is carrying a suite of science experiments that will search for signs of life, launch a drone helicopter, and record the planet's audio for the first time.

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