Hi, I'm Carina!




I'm a People and Lifestyle Photographer based in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

I love capturing candid moments using available light, vibrant colors and good vibes!


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The Story

I was born and raised in Osnabrück, Germany. Since I was a teenager I have always been involved and interested in photography. After I graduated from school I started a 3-years-apprenticeship in photography. During my first year I was working for a normal photo studio, where you would go to with your grandparents, siblings and folks to get the shots for your family album or the next present for the grandparents on Christmas (We also made those cheesy key rings with a photo frame). You here me. This didn't excite me at all plus the people I worked with treated me like crap. Funny enough, they advised me that photography might not be the right thing for me. Safe to say: I knew I couldn't waste my time doing this any longer, so I looked for a new place to work and to continue my studies.

What happened then, was the best thing that could possibly happen to me and influenced me as a person and career massively. I started working in a studio that specialised on stock photography. Not only that the work was pretty awesome and fun. The team was super cool and encouraging. I learned so much in these years about photography and about myself. I knew I'd never go back to classical (#lame) studio photography or people who doesn't appreciate you working your ass off. Those adventures helped me find my passion and turning it into my job.

Oh... and not to forget: They also brought me here, to Cape Town. 


While a business travel to South Africa in 2015 I met Hugo and fell hopelessly in love with him and Cape Town.  After I finished my studies in photography in 2016, I followed my dreams to Cape Town and started to work as a freelance photographer. Hugo has always supported me and has a huge impact on my career. His positive soul inspires me everyday and together we're pushing each other to another level. He is a iOS Engineer at Over and absolutely passionated about coding. Besides that he loves cinematography, time-lapse and photography. He's joining me on shoots, helps out and keeps me sane on this journey called life


The Team



• Criene is her nickname, given by her sister Fiene (Criene & Fiene) • golden rule: always say hello to cats • would love to collaborate with Nike • half human, half coffee • could have a braai (BBQ) everyday • German Hip Hop is my tune to get things done • secret talent: can ignore alarms in the morning for hours • lost my heart to the mountains and beauty of South Africa has a thing for this colour


“Find something that you love and do it every day. Do that for the rest of your life and eventually, the world will change” 
— Macklemore


• is bilingual, speaks: English, Afrikaans, basic German, Swift and Cat • nothing a bowl of Coco Pops can't fix • thinks box jump burpees at 5AM in the gym are totally normal #earlybird • dreams of flying wing suit • rather uses his (electric) longboard than the car • mad love for everything that contains coconut  • radiate positivity • wonders daily if Casey Neistat started vlogging again? 


Don’t live a boring life. Push your limits!