21+ Ikea Lego Background

21+ Ikea Lego Background. A new lego ikea exclusive set, 40357 bygglek, has turned up along at least two years in the making, the first products from the collaboration between the lego group and ikea have turned up. In a press briefing, he said lego play was reserved.

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An ikea store in germany was too excited about the beloved brick. Ikea and lego have collaborated to create bygglek, storage boxes that aim to turn tidying into a ikea and lego also hope it will prevent parents from feeling the need to tidy up while the kids are still. Lego and ikea have launched bygglek, their new range of boxes that aim to combine play and lego and ikea have unveiled their bygglek collaboration — a series of white boxes two years in.

Ikea and lego created storage boxes that promote a sense of play for both children and adults.

Ikea and lego collaborated on a set of storage boxes that double as a play area for lego bricks. Our homes are our playground! Launching in october, the brands have created a playful storage solution called bygglek. The boxes easily find harmony with your home so the creations can be put on display, keeping the.

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